Penetrating, clear, sharp, direct, forceful… These are all words that you will find in the dictionary next to the word ‘Incisive’. So, although you may not be familiar with the 27-year-old rapper/producer who goes by this name, it is a given; this won’t be the case for long.
The gifted and vibrant, west London, by way of Ladbroke Grove, emcee is intent on setting the British music scene a blaze with his blend of witty positive lyrics, cool as ice flow and fresh-to-death production. This is evident on his recently released Mixtape/EP “FM” which was not only produced and mixed by Incisive, but also narrated in a unique radio show style. Incisive is not stranger to being selected as BBC 1xtras Introducing record of the week and has numerous videos attaining the number 1 spot on the MTV Base chart.
‘I hope to bring realness back to the industry,’ says the rising star. ‘We need real topics and real music back in hip-hop.
‘That’s why I choose topics most people out there can relate to and why I like to use proper instrumentation and live vocalists on my stuff. I have another track called Nothing Compares and I speak about how there is nothing better than organic music. That is very important to me, ensuring that melody and feeling are an integral part of everything I put out there.’
Incisive has had previous singles see airtime on all major radio stations as well as TV stations such as MTV Base, Flava and BET. He has also been building his fan base with his explosively energetic full band performances in almost every live show the East London scene has to offer from iLuvLive to Wired in Shoreditch House and is now expanding his horizons performing in and around the midlands and west country. This is no surprise as despite his young age, Incisive has been building his music career for a lengthy 16 years.
It was back in 1992 he and a friend created a rap duo called I.n.A (Incisive & Adrenaline). Six years later they recorded their first album Reality, and later that year used the material to showcase their skills at Choice FM’s respected annual talent showcase Rapology, where they reached the final.
Determined to properly hone his craft, Incisive, along with Adrenaline continued to refine his skills by recording another two albums titled The Archives and Checkmate. Tracks from both albums went on to gain significant airplay on various pirate radio stations as well as Choice FM and 1xtra.
His obvious popularity with listeners and his consistency to put out good music meant a growing level of respect among his peers, leading to him being featured on the track London N.E.W.S, alongside Baby Blue, Sway, and J2K. The track was produced by Incisive’s long time friend and noted UK production guru Nutty P. It blew up big on the underground and the tone was set for Incisive to take things to the next level.
However, confident that his talent was strong enough to stand the test of time, Incisive decided not to delay going to university, and to pick things up after completing his degree in Law. Fast forward to 2014 and all the years of preparation, planning, and patience is now ready to pay off.
Incisive is now ready to take on the industry and claim it as his own, and this time he’s flying solo.

With quite an impressive Discography including the “Where is He” Mixtape of which he released four videos within 6 months, the majority of which were supported on Major broadcast channels and achieved no less than two number ones on MTV Base, Incisive showing his unforgiving work ethic, is already ready to move onto his next project.
‘In this current climate of rap, people are dying for good music,’ he acknowledges, ‘and with this whole independent boom, there is more room to be yourself and not just do what some executive is telling you to do.
‘Let’s fact it there are not that many topics to talk about in hip hop, but it’s not really what you say, it’s how you say it, just being an individual makes me individual.’
Incisive’s recently released “Where is he” Mixtape shares production with others such as TE1, Nutty P and Rkay but are almost completely engineered and mixed by
Incisive himself, which opitimises the independent spirit he so embraces. His self-belief is so poignant, that to speak to him and to observe the way he operates, it is like he has the backing of a major behind him. This confident swagger is down to the time and effort he has put into making sure his operation is as tighter as can be.
‘Coming up musically, I learnt that relying on people is long, he says, ‘because everyone is able to let you down at some point. This is why I taught myself how to play piano, guitar, produce and bought equipment for my house so that I could record, engineer, master and be a self contained unit – no one to rely on…no one to slow me down…no one to blame….’
‘This time next year, I want as many people to hear and appreciate my music as possible,’ he states, without hesitation. Money and fame are side products of all this, number ones aren’t everything. There are loads of artists who have had number ones, but not long-lasting success and respect.’